Press Releases

May 2012

OKPL has successfully patented it's Magnetic Seals in India, USA, China, Germany, UK, France, Switzerland and also has received European Patent Office Certification. Patent pending in Japan.

April 2012

OKPL supplies the largest hydrogenator made by the company of operating capacity 40,000 Litres.

Jan 2012

OKPL successfully executes it's Single Largest Order of Six Hydrogenators of operating capacity 5500 Litres and 49 kg/cm2g design pressure.

Nov 2011

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June 2011

OKPL successfully commissions Magnetic Seal of 115 Kg/cm2g design pressure.

April 2011

OKPL supplies 3000 Litre Hastelloy Hydrogenator of 30 Kg/cm2g design pressure.

Mar 2011

OKPL exports 1000 Litres Hydrogenator and Catalyst Filter to Taiwan.

Feb 2011

OKPL supplies 2 numbers 12500 Litres Hydrogenators for Paracetamol.

May 2008

OKPL supplies 2 numbers 5000 litre / 20 bar Hydrogenators with Magnetic Seal, to Dr. Reddy's labs, Vishakhapatanam, A.P..

April 2008

For the third time, OKPL supplies a 25000 litre Hydrogenator to Hemani Intermediates, Vapi, for Benzedine reactions.

March 2008

OKPL supplies Gas-Induction Agitator assembly to Ciba Specialties, China. A detailed evaluation was made by Ciba Basel, who decided that OKPL was far superior to other / European Manufacturers of similar equipment.

November 2007

OKPL supplies a second Hastelloy Hydrogenator (3000 litres x 20 bar) to Alembic,Gujarat. OKPL is granted an Indian Patent for MAGNETIC SEAL ASSEMBLY.

September 2007

OKPL supplies a 5000 litre / 40 bar hydrogenator with Magnetic Seal, to Atul Ltd., Ankleshwar, Gujarat.

May 2007

OKPL supplies a 3000 litre 20 bar Hydrogenator to Alembic Ltd., Gujarat.

January 2007

OKPL supplies 2 Nos. Hastelloy Hydrogenators to Divi's Laboratories, Hyderabad. These have an operating capacity of 3000 litres, and design pressure of 30 bars.

July 2006

OKPL supplies a 25000 litre Hydrogenator to Hemani Intermediates, Vapi. This is a repeat order.

April 2005

Omega-Kemix supplies a 25000 litre (Operating Volume) Hydrogenator to Hemani Intermediates, Vapi, Gujarat. This is one of the largest reactors in the world for benzidine reactions. Earlier, OKPL had supplied 6300 and 15000 litre Hydrogenators for the same service.

March 2004

OKPL supplies a 250 litre autoclave, with design pressure 70 bar, with a Magnetic Seal.

March 2000

OKPL supplies its 100th Hydrogenator in India.

April 1995

OKPL supplies its first two Hydrogenators.