Product Range

OMEGA Static Mixer can be designed to suit every mixing application. In most cases, more than 1 model can achieve the desired mixing OMEGA Static Mixers are available in 3 standard types, each of which delivers specific Process results. In each type, several models are available in different sizes and materials of construction. Our Technical Personnel can advise you on the optimum choice, taking into account fluid properties, degree of mixing desired power requirements, and space limitations.

Type OXW Static Mixers plates find application in mixing of low viscosity liquids, gases, gas-liquid contacting, and dispersions of immiscible low-viscosity components, these mixers have a high internal voidage, and are designed to handle large throughputs with low pressure drops.

Type OXX Static Mixers are designed to impart high shear to flowing fluids. These find wide use in mixing of viscous liquids. non-Newtonian liquids and in fluids having widely varying viscosites Flow is usually laminar. Yet conditions approach plug flow, and a narrow residence time distribution is achieved

Type OXZ Static Mixers have performance is similar to type OXX Mixers, except that pressure drops are lower, whereas mixing lengths are lower, whereas mixing lengths are somewhat higher, Heat transfer coefficients are high and there is continuous homogenization of concentration and temperature. The narrow residence time distribution also finds application in carrying out exothermic or endothermic reactions under controlled conditions.

Static Mixing

Static Mixers are mixers without moving parts. Specially designed baffles are interested into a pipe. When the component fluids flow through this pipeline, the baffles induce a high degree of turbulence, resulting in continuous dispersion of each stream. Most static Mixers are installed in-line, and are extremely compact. Energy requirement for mixing is essentially the pumping work required to move fluids through the unit, Hence for a given process result; Static Mixers consume very little power. As these equipment do not have any moving parts, maintenance costs are minimal.

Fluid movement through Static Mixers is essentially plug flow; hence plant scaleups can be carried out with a considerable degree of accuracy. These mixers can be used in operations involving batch, semibatch, and continuous processes.

  • Liquids with similar viscosities
  • Liquids with widely differing viscosities
  • Gas –liquid (Reaction, Mass Transfer)
  • Gas –liquid with suspended solids
  • Gas-gas
  • Immiscible liquids (Reaction, Extraction, Mass Transfer)
  • Homogenisation of streams prior to sampling
  • Plug flow reactor
  • Blending of oils chemicals
  • Dosing applications
  • Ph adjustments
  • Dilution of aqueous solutions
  • Mixing of Gases :
    N2 +H2 NH3 + Air
    Air + Fuel Gases
    Hot Air + Cold Air
    Flue Gas + Air
Dispersion of immiscible liquids
  • Washing organics with water
  • Neutralising Hydro-carbons
  • Saponification
  • Liquid – liquid extraction
Dispersion of Gases in liquids
  • Aeration of drinking water
  • CO Neutralisation of water
  • Reacting NaOH with Chlorine
  • Dissolving NH3 in water
  • Chlorination of Hydrocarbons
  • Catalytic Hydrogenation
  • Nitration
  • Oxidation
  • Scrubbing of gases
  • Melting, Heating & Cooling, Viscous Liquids, e.g. Vaslene, Grease, Plastic Foams, Adhesives, Sugar Solution, Starch Slurries
  • Heating temperature sensitive polymers
  • Keeping solids & gases in suspension while cooling liquids
  • Preventing crystallization in pipelines
  • Carrying out exothermic or endothermic reactions between 2 or more immiscible phases
  • Addition or removal of heat of reaction
  • Plug flow reactor with low pressure drops
  • Homogenisation of Polymer melts
  • Preparation of emulsions
  • Addition of Poly-electrotype to water
  • Addition of pigments/dyes to viscose
  • Dilution of molasses
  • Chemical reaction in viscous liquids& slurries
  • Sulphonation of LAB /Organics
  • Blending o Fats, Greases, Waxes, Creams, etc.
  • Mixing liquids with widely varying viscosities