Our Company
Omega-Kemix, a company promoted by qualified and experienced technical personnel, was founded in1985. Our innovative approach to Static and Dynamic Mixing Technology has enabled us to successfully develop a wide range of Gas-Induction Reactors, with capacities upto 50,000 Litres.

In the ultimate analysis, our greatest source of satisfaction is that our customers have been successful, and have achieved excellent results with Omega-Kemix Gas-Induction Reactors.

Our Engineering Strenghts
Enhanced process performance of any equipment can only be achieved when each component is structurally sound. Our Reactor vessels are designed and manufactured as per International Standard such as ASME, BS, DIN, as well as IS Codes, using computer-aided stress analysis and drafting techniques. Sealing at shaft ingress points is by means of Double Mechanical Seals, which forestall gas leakage in the unlikely event of failure of theseal coolant pressure. Seal temperatures are maintained at safe levels by means of forced Lubrication or alternatively, by thermosyphon cooling systems, with pressure balancing system, if required.

All manufacturing processes are carried out under the stagewise inspection of our Quality Control Engineers. Starting with testing of Raw Materials and Bought-out components, our Engineers are trained to check every stage of manufacture. We even have our own specifications for packing of Reactor components for despatch. Such attention to detail results in ease of installation and commissioning, and also ensures a long, productive and trouble-free life for your Gas-Induction Reactor.

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